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Thursday, March 1, 2012

1992 Baseball Cards Magazine - White Sox

I was looking for some 1970 Topps and I came across these cards on eBay, which showed up because they're in the "style" of 1970 Topps. I knew nothing about them, but apparently they came out of some  baseball card magazine, aptly named, "Baseball Cards".  I'm a sucker for a Tim Raines card, and for $1.19 for 7 cards, all of players I'd heard of, I pulled the trigger. There's a current Hall of Famer and another who will no doubt be in the Hall when his name comes up on the ballot.

Frank Thomas looks so baby-faced young here. Fisk looks old. Thigpen is just happy to be here, isn't he? Remember when that 50+ save season seemed so amazing? 40+ saves now is so common, even last place teams have closers with that many saves. But back then, it was so completely amazing. It was like Denny McClain winning 30 games.

Rock n Robin. Get it? That was pretty clever of me. Plus Jorge Bell. I can remember when he was Jorge. Aparentamente los gueros no podian pronunciar "Jorge"... Que barbaridad!

I prefer this picture of Robin, though. Old man has him in a headlock. Old man that made his big league debut before Robin was even born!

The card backs are interesting, though they have no stats. That's unAmerican. But it does have a cartoon, which is cool, and something today's no-nonsense cards seem to be missing. We even get some investment advice! You can tell this card is from 1992, giving such advice as buying Jack McDowell cards as some kind of sound investment. Be honest, how many of you stuck those Tiffany boxes of '89 Topps away, secure that in 20 years you'd sell them and buy a yacht?

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  1. I think I still have some of these that I saved from said magazines.