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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 Topps Inserts - '87 Minis

Besides the miniature size, these little '87s are also made of what looks like old 80's cardboard. Abbreviated statistics for the past season are included, but the best thing is the MINI Streak. I seem to remember the original '87 set having a lot of cards telling us what a player's wife's name was, or when they were married, or even what his kids' names were. None of that domestic fluff here. These cards tell us of a streak that the player enjoyed in the past year.

Looking at the new Marlins' logo, I think I miss the old one with its distinct blue color. This new logo has too many colors on it, it looks confused. 

Adam Jones is breaking every little league coach's first day instructions, or do they not teach getting both hands on the ball anymore? I always thought it was pretty lame when I played. I don't recall dropping any flies in the outfield, but I Bill Buckner'd a ball or two playing 3rd base, that's for sure.

Is it just me or does Adrian Gonzalez look like the guy who plays George Lopez's brother?

Still no Angels minis yet, but season is young. Hell the pitchers haven't even reported with their catchers yet. We got lots of time.

I picked up a blaster box, and I think it will be the one and only I get. I mean, you get 40 fewer cards for the same price. That's like 3 full packs! What do you get instead of those 40 cards? A pseudo patch card. I got a Roger Maris card with his number 9. I say pseudo because he never wore it. Some nice lady in China sewed it. Mr. Maris never even saw it.

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