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2011 Topps Updates & Highlight

Updated 12/11/12

Base Set
US177, US237, US260

Doubles for trade:
US1, US4, US9, US15, US17, US18, US20, US21, US24, US25, US29, US34, US39, US45, US48, US53, US58, US62, US64, US65, US70, US77, US79, US82, US90, US93, US95, US98, US99, US100, US111, US113, US119, US122, US124, US130, US135, US139, US145, US147, US160, US162, US166, US171, US174, US178, US179, US182, US185, US191, US194, US197, US201, US202, US203, US207, US208, US210, US211, US215, US218, US221, US222, US223, US228, US229, US231, US233, US234, US235, US256, US257, US259, US267, US269, US274, US275, US279, US284, US288, US289, US291, US294, US295, US307, US313, US314, US315, US316, US317, US322, US325, US326, US328, US330

Diamond Duos
DD-2, DD-4, DD-5, DD-6, DD-7, DD-8, DD-10, DD-11, DD-12, DD-13, DD-14, DD-20, DD-21, DD-22, DD-25, DD-26, DD-28, DD-30

Doubles for trade:

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