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Saturday, May 21, 2011

E's first card show

I took my youngest to her first baseball card show. 7-year old girls at card shows is not a common site, so she had more attention than she knew what to do with.

One of the vendors there was selling plastic bags of random cards, about 10 in there for $1, so I gave her a dollar and had her pick one.

She took the one with Vlad Guerrero on top, a nice 2003 Upper Deck portrait. Good choice. Inside the pack was also a 1990 Topps Jamie Moyer. Yes, the same Jamie Moyer that threw for the Phillies last year. The card is with him on the Rangers, but I remember him with the Cubs before that, and if you'd told me he'd pitch another 20 years, I wouldn't have believed you.

We looked around the show a while longer, but it wasn't easy looking through cards with her on my feet so we headed home. But on the way home, she eyes Target and asks if we can get some more cards! How can the proud father say no, so I get her another pack of Opening Day. She pulls Howie Kendrick, and I pull the Pirates Parrot, and a trade is made.

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