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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Now Isabel is in to cards

So Elizabeth, my 7 year old, and I get back from the card show on Saturday and now Isabel, she of 9 years, is jealous and wants some baseball cards! Another trip to Target, and a few packs of Opening Day later and we have a three card collectors in the house now!

I picked up another blaster of Heritage. I think that is the last I will buy. I seem to have crappy luck. I'll try trading doubles to get the rest. I am still at barely half of the collection after about $100 in cards. I know, I know, I'm old, and $100 is probably not a lot of money to spend on trading cards.

What makes it all worth while at this point is the Stan Musial signature card. I still can't believe I got that card. To think I've got something in my hands that Stan Musial had in his hands is pretty cool.

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