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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Topps Baseball - more!

I grabbed a few more packs, I just can't help myself. I looked for any excuse to go to Target, and it didn't take long - dog was out of food! We can't have that now, can we?

Today I received this lovely card. It's always such a weird, conflicting feeling for me to see Nolan Ryan in a Rangers uniform. Some day when the feeling strikes me and I've had a few Shiners in me, I'll write a long post about it. But for now, I'll just enjoy the picture.

I'm not generally a fan of "parallel" sets, I kind of feel like they're just taking advantage of some people's compulsive obsession to have one of everything! I guess the gold sparkly parallel works OK. It sure does on this Jered Weaver card. Love the look on Weaver's face. If you've watched him pitch at all, you know he's very intense. This card works well with the gold because there's not much in the background to distract.

The last pack of the night dropped this fish in my lap. I'm looking forward to watching this guy with a full season of at bats. I haven't been this excited for an Angel rookie since Glaus.

And what was hiding right there behind Trout? But my old friend Mr. Ryan, and this time in Astros gear. I swear the picture looks like every picture of Ryan as an Astro that I've ever seen.So that's a card with Ryan pictured in 3 of the 4 uniforms he wore in his career. Is there maybe a Mets Ryan somewhere in this set, or series 2?

Well, I thought I'd post a few cards from the base set, but looks like that will have to wait. I'm starting to like this set a little more.

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